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Preserving The Great Indoors

I started working for Resource Services this past June with no prior experience in the heating and cooling industry. While researching for my job interview, I found out many things that intrigued me about the company and industry. However, one thing that caught my attention was Resource Services’ tagline, ‘Preserving the Great Indoors’. My mind spun with images of a family over years and generations growing in a home “preserved” in one of those big canning jars my grandma used for putting up tomatoes from her garden.

InterrogationWhy Preserving the Great Indoors?
In the short time I’ve worked in the industry, I’ve learned that the HVAC systems of any building make up the majority of energy expenditure and are some of the most expensive systems to replace. According to a survey completed by the EPA in 2012 Americans spend 90% of their time indoors. From past experience and those prime time crime dramas, I’ve learned that temperature and air quality can make or break an important meeting, family gathering or interrogation. Even knowing that, over the past months I’ve discovered that preserving the great indoors means different things to different people.

What it Means to Us
I asked around the office and was amazed at range of responses I received. I think we can all agree with Paula, our office administrator and wife to the owner when she told me that, “Having a roof over your head is a blessing and human right. So many people in the world are homeless. I am thankful every day for my home that is warm in the winter and cool in the summer. We take it for granted this day and age and I am grateful every day to be comfortable at home, work, and each and every place that I am inside.” Priscilla, our office manager shared with me that “Whether it be shoveling snow or playing outside with the kids in the cold, there is nothing like walking into a nice warm and cozy living room on a cold winter day.” What better feeling is there than being tucked inside safe and warm during one of those blustery winter nights Iowa has so often?

Our technicians have a little bit of a different perspective. Justus says that, “Staying on top of preventative maintenance keeps HVAC equipment at optimal performance and brings comfort and safety.” And Craig stated that preserving the great indoors means “Having a healthy and comfortable air supply.” Our service manager, Kevin shared that to him it means, “Helping people maintain a quality and comfortable environment and to get the best out of their equipment.” And owner, Dennis shares that “The air in our home is breathed by our entire family every hour of every day, preserving a healthy and safe air quality and properly controlling humidity lessens sickness spread by airborne pathogens, lowers winter heating expenses, preserves furniture and other wood features in our home and reduces or eliminates static electricity”.

It’s What We Do
Regardless of if your reasons come from your head, heart or pocket book, preserving the great indoors is important to all of us. So check out our new blog, Preserving the Great Indoors, (PGI for short). We are looking forward to sharing with you our experience and expertise, tips to help save money and most importantly, ways to help you preserve your great indoors.

Do you have any questions about your heating or cooling systems, or how to better preserve your great indoors? We are always willing to help, please post your comments below and we’ll be happy to find the answers you need.

Andrea Pohlsander is an administrative assistant for Resource Services, Inc.  She’s fairly new to the HVAC industry but is backed with the support or expert technicians, including Resource Services’ owner Dennis Sult, who has over 45 years of industry experience.  She enjoys reading, writing, and pursuing creative endeavors like scrapbooking and experimenting with new recipes.

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