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14 Ways to Save Money Doing Laundry

It’s starting to warm up here in Des Moines, IA and yesterday while driving home from work I saw several of my neighbors with laundry out on their clothes lines.  While drying your clothes on a line may add to your chore list a bit it saves on the energy cost of drying your clothes…

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Should My Home Have a Humidifier?

We all remember those moments during the summer, when you walk out the door to find it’s so hot, sticky, and humid that you want to turn around, and go back inside to take another shower.  We don’t usually have that problem in the winter.  In colder months humidity often drops drastically low causing issues…

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Preserving the Great Indoors

I started working for Resource Services this past June with no prior experience in the heating and cooling industry. While researching for my job interview, I found out many things that intrigued me about the company and industry. However, one thing that caught my attention was Resource Services’ tagline, ‘Preserving the Great Indoors’. My mind…

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