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Traditional vs. Tankless

My parents are getting ready to do a major remodel on their old farmhouse near Audubon, IA, including getting a new water heater.  So my mother called me to find out what kind they should get, a traditional one or a tankless one.  Being the good daughter I am, I told her I’d do some research…

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14 Ways to Save Money Doing Laundry

It’s starting to warm up here in Des Moines, IA and yesterday while driving home from work I saw several of my neighbors with laundry out on their clothes lines.  While drying your clothes on a line may add to your chore list a bit it saves on the energy cost of drying your clothes…

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6 Tips to Maintain Your Water Heater

I’m the second oldest of six children.  Growing up my favorite time of day was the early morning hours of quiet before everyone else was awake.  I’d get myself some Trix or Captain Crunch, read the comics from the newspaper, and then I’d take a nice long hot shower.  My other siblings did not appreciate…

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