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We are thrilled to offer the Preserving the Great Indoors (PGI) Blog, with content designed to help you preserve your great indoors.  We hope to help answer questions about your home's HVAC systems, as well as provide general tips, tricks, and advice for making your home safe and comfortable all year.  We love to hear from our customers and help them find the solutions that are best for them.  Please don't hesitate to add your questions, comments, or advise to any of our posts.

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Program Your Thermostat to Save Energy

Programmable thermostats are fantastic tools to help you save on energy costs.   In fact according to  programming these settings properly can save you as much as $180* per year.  However, just like any other tool, unless it’s used properly it won’t get the job done as efficiently as it was designed to do.  A…

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Purchasing a Furnace with Confidence

Furnaces are some of the most expensive appliances that you will ever purchase for your home.  Unfortunately, they are also appliances that people don’t generally know a whole lot about.  So how do you know you are purchasing the right one for your home?  In this post we’ll go over the main things you need…

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Top 10 Furnace Questions & Answers

 Today we are talking about furnaces and what to do when they aren’t working and common questions. As I was doing my research for this blog post, I stumbled across this video clip from Home Alone that pretty much sums up how I used to feel about furnaces. Now, I know the video shows a…

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5 Ways to Camouflage Your Thermostat

Thermostats, while useful tools to help control the efficiency of your home heating and cooling system, can also become unsightly when they break up the flow or decoration of your home.  I spoke with our service manager, Kevin, about what we need to know when approaching this conundrum.  He said, “Thermostats won’t work correctly without…

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What Does a Furnace Tune-Up Involve?

It’s that time of year again, when the temperature drops and the kids all look out the window every morning hoping for enough snow for school to be canceled. We rely on our furnaces to keep our homes warm and comfortable. Keeping up on your preventative maintenance with a yearly tune-up is important to ensure…

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Preserving the Great Indoors

I started working for Resource Services this past June with no prior experience in the heating and cooling industry. While researching for my job interview, I found out many things that intrigued me about the company and industry. However, one thing that caught my attention was Resource Services’ tagline, ‘Preserving the Great Indoors’. My mind…

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